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I promised you a new chapter, here it is. It’s been a while since I wrote, and I left you at the end of Lisa. Realising there’s more then that one girl has it’s downsides… Especially when you suck at controling your hormones and you fall in love with every girl that gives you that little bit attention.

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I was talking with a friend today about some music she discovered on I told her I’m joining the crowd of myspace and even spent time on writing my ‘about me’. She told me myspace doesn’t bother her, it’s just great for music.

Are we all part of a herd? Follow each other, follow the leader? Joining the hype?

It’s something that’s disturbing me. I’ve got a deviantart page, a page, a AND a blog too… You create all those pages, put time and effort in it: you try to create art, listen to political correct music, spend trouble on styling your myspace and enlarge your ‘social network’ as they like to call it AND you write about yourself. All this because you wanna be someone, so that you would get some attention.

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God I love them

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Why amen’t I allowed to have some quality fun? I went out yesterday evening to Margot’s place, a friend of mine. There was another guy there too who I never met before, but who I really liked. We had a jolly good laugh and really had fun…

But yeah, I’ve got exams, so I can’t make it too late and decide to go home around 0:45… Nicely home at one ‘o clock, go to bed, sleep and get up to find my dad at the kitchen table nagging about how come I got home so late.

I normally go to bed around midnight, or half past. I mean.. Blimey. He actually looked upset ’cause I had fun.

Bah. I hate my dad sometimes. He’s such a nag.


So, about 7-8 months passed after Sofie, could’ve been more too… I don’t really recall well, but yeah… That was no crush anymore, that was actual falling in love and shit. My head was messed up and I really needed something to take my mind of her. Though, since I still didn’t really have much friends in school, that didn’t help much.

Distraction came in the form of another woman.

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