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November 13, 2006

I enter trough the door and open my eyes. A light dangles from the ceiling. The floor is littered, this room is a mess. Pieces of junk lay everywhere. There’s a chair in the middle of the room. I sit down. Chills run down my spine. It’s cold in here. In the distance, I can […]


November 13, 2006

“How did I get here?” I think. This isn’t right… I look through the window, I see nothing. The world outside the window is a blur. This isn’t right. I’m sitting. I’m sitting on a hard bench. I suddenly realise there is someone sitting next to me on that bench. Who is this? What is […]


November 13, 2006

I wake up. Rays of light try to break through my eye lids though I keep my eyes shut. I’m afraid of what I’ll see, I don’t remember what happened last night, feel heavily dazed. I shiver, hear nothing, someone put the world on mute. I keep asking myself what happened. I hear a bird […]