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“How did I get here?” I think. This isn’t right… I look through the window, I see nothing. The world outside the window is a blur. This isn’t right. I’m sitting. I’m sitting on a hard bench. I suddenly realise there is someone sitting next to me on that bench. Who is this? What is going on? My eardrums are being terrorised, sound after sound banging against them.
And then I see them, all those eyes, staring at me.
Maybe I should turn the volume of my walkman down while I’m on the bus…


One Response to “Volume”

  1. That’s not as bad as singing (more like screaming) a retarded song in the middle of (deserted) school corridor. I’m tone deaf on top of that. 😐
    My friend was desperately trying to shut me up. I couldn’t hear how awful I sounded because of that song pounding in my eardrums. =D

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