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I don’t remember the exact day, but it was march 2005. I was at a party of a neighbouring school and was in line to get my jacket. The line was huge and they wouldn’t hurry up (eventually I stood in the line for about 2.5 hours). It was a mess. A mess unlike I’ve ever seen. Though I have to say, those 2.5 hours made me believe in love on first sight again.

I was waiting for like 30 minutes allready, when I felt a hard tap on my left shoulder. I would turn my head to find a big bush or red resting on my shoulder. What was more, the red bush spoke too! Something along the lines of “gotta rest for a sec”.

That was how Selien made her intro. And I thought it was love on first sight.

What happened in the next two hours I don’t recall the exact anymore… I remember a girl fainting in my arms because everyone was pushing, I remember faint faces of Seliens friends… But most off all, I remember the friendly face of that big girl (Selien is quite tall, yes) and her funnyness. I also remember myself very clear using the only “line” I ever used to hit on a girl. I don’t know if she remembers, but she was worrying that her mom would be furious because she was too late (well duh, we were in a row for 2.5 hours). So, smooth as I was back then, almost 18, I said “Gimme your phonenumber, I’ll call your mom in the morning to explain her what happened”. You know what’s the most stupid part? I meant it! I would’ve actually called her mom, it took a while before I realised how cheesy I sounded… Must’ve been the alcohol.

We sent text messages to each other like crazy. We chatted on msn like crazy. I was falling in love. Like crazy, yes.

I don’t remember what happened in the next few weeks. But I remember quite clearly how MSN and how easy you express feelings over it, cursed me.

I remember very well how I declared my love for Selien to her, over MSN. Yes. I was stupid, very stupid.

Anyhow, Selien wasn’t called “Eternal Doubster” for no reason by her friends. She didn’t know what to do. She knew she liked me, but she didn’t know if she wanted more then being friends. Nothing ever happened between us. But what was more important to me, was that she stuck to her “let’s be friends” line. No other girl before kept her word.

At the moment, I think I can safely say Selien is my best, female friend. I can tell her anything, and she can tell me anything. So Selien, if you ever read this: thank you for resting your head on my shoulder.


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