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November 13, 2006

I enter trough the door and open my eyes. A light dangles from the ceiling. The floor is littered, this room is a mess. Pieces of junk lay everywhere. There’s a chair in the middle of the room. I sit down. Chills run down my spine. It’s cold in here. In the distance, I can […]


November 13, 2006

“How did I get here?” I think. This isn’t right… I look through the window, I see nothing. The world outside the window is a blur. This isn’t right. I’m sitting. I’m sitting on a hard bench. I suddenly realise there is someone sitting next to me on that bench. Who is this? What is […]


November 13, 2006

I wake up. Rays of light try to break through my eye lids though I keep my eyes shut. I’m afraid of what I’ll see, I don’t remember what happened last night, feel heavily dazed. I shiver, hear nothing, someone put the world on mute. I keep asking myself what happened. I hear a bird […]


November 12, 2006

I don’t remember the exact day, but it was march 2005. I was at a party of a neighbouring school and was in line to get my jacket. The line was huge and they wouldn’t hurry up (eventually I stood in the line for about 2.5 hours). It was a mess. A mess unlike I’ve […]


November 12, 2006

I promised you a new chapter, here it is. It’s been a while since I wrote, and I left you at the end of Lisa. Realising there’s more then that one girl has it’s downsides… Especially when you suck at controling your hormones and you fall in love with every girl that gives you that […]