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Sleep slept slept


Why amen’t I allowed to have some quality fun? I went out yesterday evening to Margot’s place, a friend of mine. There was another guy there too who I never met before, but who I really liked. We had a jolly good laugh and really had fun…

But yeah, I’ve got exams, so I can’t make it too late and decide to go home around 0:45… Nicely home at one ‘o clock, go to bed, sleep and get up to find my dad at the kitchen table nagging about how come I got home so late.

I normally go to bed around midnight, or half past. I mean.. Blimey. He actually looked upset ’cause I had fun.

Bah. I hate my dad sometimes. He’s such a nag.


One Response to “Sleep slept slept”

  1. Man, I know exactly how you feel! Been there many times.. when you go out somewhere and you arrive home at the time you usually go to sleep, they nag, but when you stay home and go to sleep as usual, they dont say a thing about it

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