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So, about 7-8 months passed after Sofie, could’ve been more too… I don’t really recall well, but yeah… That was no crush anymore, that was actual falling in love and shit. My head was messed up and I really needed something to take my mind of her. Though, since I still didn’t really have much friends in school, that didn’t help much.

Distraction came in the form of another woman.


When I was 16 we went to the Czech Republic on our annual family holiday. Though for some reason, I wanted to return home earlier, and I booked for the bus from Prague to Ghent with Eurolines. Last day of my holiday arriving, we went to visit Prague, and in the evening, I would depart.

Prague is, by the way, a very lovely city, though I prefer Budapest.

Now I was in the queu for the bus, waiting for it to arrive, when I suddenly saw a girl, a little older then me, standing there with a large backpack, looking rather confused, with two Czechs babbling at her. On the tag on her backpack I could see she also needed to go to Ghent, friendly as I am, I asked her if I could help her out, which I luckily could, wasn’t even that hard. I just had to say “yeah, this is the platform for the bus going to Belgium” (only in Dutch then). Didn’t pay much attention to her afterwards as my parents wanted to start saying goodbye. The bus didn’t arrive for another half hour, but yeah, my parents apparently need a lot of time for saying goodbye.

Anyhow, finally, a half an hour too late, the bus arrived, I got on and installed when I saw her struggling in between the seats towards me. When she finally got to me, asking with a broad smile if that place was still free.

Didn’t think I laughed so much for so long. Man she was funny! After 3 hours, we got a note from a guy in front of us, asking if we could be a bit more quiet. We even had a harder laugh at him for being so dorky :p I guess that wasn’t really nice of us.

Turns out she just finished her photography studies and travelled through the Czech Republic on the back of her dads motorbike, but had to turn home for something I don’t remember. She only just got her ears pierced, which is also connected to a rather funny, though short, anecdote: she fell asleep for a few hours with her head on my shoulder (she even asked if she could rest her head on my shoulder, I surely didn’t mind). Now the bus had to stop every 4 hours for at least 15 minutes, so after an hour or two or so, she woke up again, to notice her ear had start to bleed. Right on my sweater… Oh well, wasn’t so bad I guess.

All in all, it was probably the best bus ride I ever had, but sadly, we arrived the next morning in Ghent and our ways split up. All I knew was her name and the website adress of a forum she posted on regulary. I didn’t even ask for her email or phone number! How stupid was I???

What a hassle I went through to get to reach her. I finally did though in the end. Now, even though this part of my blog is about my love life, I wasn’t really in love with her. I could’ve easily fallen for her though, but when I finally got hold of her email, she told me she just started dating a cool guy. Somewhere she made me feel that, if I had been a bit earlier, it could’ve been me. Or maybe that was just my paranoia…

Lisa made me realise that there was more in life then just sopping over some girl. For Christ Sake, I was only 17, I’ve had, and still have my whole life in front of me.

Though it had his downsides too… A new fresh chapter. Infatuation baby, oh yeah.


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