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Bad Weather

I'd say no

I’d say no,
originally uploaded by brammm.

So, this morning I had an exam, I got up and it was raining horribly, it’s been a while since it rained this hard. Anyhow, cause I had an exam, I didn’t gave it a good look, and ran off to get my bus to university. I was sitting in the bus, revising a bit, when I stared out the window and thought “WTF? Sea?”

Streets were pretty flooded. Weather changed though in the afternoon, but most of the water wasn’t gone, so I decided to go snapshotting with my nephew.

Seen as you can add a little Flicrk widget to your navbar, I decided to sign up there and upload my pictures, adding that widget. Maybe I’ll start making more pictures ^^

Okay, this is really cool! You can add your wordpress blog to your Flickr account, and now I can blog through Flickr too!!

Very Web2.0

Edit: GAH: Flickr includes nice CSS to align the thumbnail and the caption, but offcourse WordPress doesn’t support custom CSS, well, actually, they do, but you gotta buy the upgrade, which costs 15$… I wouldn’t mind if I were 10$ short 😦 If anyone cares to donate…


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