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As I told you, from my 12th till my 16th, my life was crap. Puberty.

As a baby I was adored by many mothers, I was the cutest baby ever, with my pink sweater. Soon it went downhill though. Sucks to be me I guess. Anyhow, what I wanted to say basically is that I ain’t no pretty boy. I had greasy hair quickly, ACNE and I’ve always been a bit fatty. You can understand puberty was a bitch to me. Often times I felt I had no friends (which was actually true) and you could say I was leaning on to an actual depression. When I was 15, my mother told me I didn’t have to worry, she only met her true friends in uni too. Way to go, mom, that’s another tree years.


Since I look a lot like my mom, that wasn’t very promising, the fact that she met her first boyfriend when she was 23 and married him straight away, wasn’t, and still isn’t, very promising.

Anyhow, life was shit. To compromise my shitty so called friends at school, I started at “Free Time”, it’s a little organisation that organises theme weeks for children. From Harry Potter to Finding Nemo to learning how to cook. They even have one where just visit a different theme park every day (I didn’t even know we had 5 different theme parks in Belgium).

I actually had a lot of fun there, but the best was yet to come. After 2 weeks they kindly asked if I was interested in taking a one week course, to become a certified leader (like a boy scout guide).

That week was probably the best one in my life I ever had. It’s also where I met Sofie. I was 16 and it had been actually 4 years that I had fallen in love with a girl. Girls weren’t a part of those 4 years.

I’ll never forget that moment. There were about 30 boys and girls, following the same course, and the first day we were in this relatively small room, sitting in a half circle, listening to our mentors. Since there wasn’t enough place in the room to all sit next to each other, we had to sit in several rows, and Sofie was sitting right behind me. Soon I had cramps in my back from the hard floor, and somehow she must’ve noticed. She pulled up her knees, tapped me on the shoulder and said that I could lean against her legs, it’d be comfier. I was genuinly afraid I would hurt her because I would put too much weight on her legs. Yes, I had some complexities about my body.

It was a perfect start, soon we were chatting about everything and nothing at the same time, we laughed and in the evenings, when we had some spare time and they played some music we danced.

I felt genuinly happy. For the first time, in a long long time.

The second night, we were sitting with a small group of people, and everybody was telling stories, so was I, something I wasn’t really used to, most people would start talking louder when I had word, so I had to shut up… Suddenly I realised everyone was quiet, and all were looking at me. I had a fucking crowd. When that thought struck me, I broke of my sentence and just sat there, staring at at least 8 people all looking at me, with my mouth open for at least 15 seconds, when a girl said “What’s up with you? Continue your story, it’s interesting”.

A whole new world opened for me.

Things only got better, I met some actual friends and had an even better time with Sofie. One afternoon, we had to pretend we were all in kindergarten, and me and Sofie had been hopping around, holding hands, shouting in shrill voices all afternoon.

I felt this weird feeling in my tummy. All I could think of was her. I was in love.

The day before the last, we were sitting together, I spent the previous night thinking ’bout how I should tell her what I was feeling, when I was somehow playing with her cellphone, just fumbling it between my fingers, when she said that I could read her txt messages if I liked… I did, but wish I never done it. Her inbox was full of messages from a guy named Barry. When I opened the first one, I read “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you when you left: I love you. Forever yours.” and then a shitload of x’s. I didn’t know how to react, but managed to get those few words out “Hey, who’s this guy?” Barry was her boyfriend. He was 20 at that time and his real name was Jeroen.

Major suckage. For real.

I spent a year recovering from that blow. One year untill I met a new girl. It was on the bus home from the Czech Republic. Her name was Lisa.

Small edit: I received the comment that it sucked she played on me so bad. That’s not quite true. I don’t blame her for anything, I think she mustn’t have been aware of it. Or maybe she was and that’s why she let me read her messages, I don’t know. I eventually told her anyway, and she reacted very good on it… Though distance and awkwardness drove us apart. It’s been a while since I spoke her…


4 Responses to “Sofie”

  1. dude that must have been a full blown kick in the balls bt how many girlys have u been in love wid

  2. oh snap. that mustve sucked man… how come u never told me that one?

  3. Oh snap. Poor Bram =(

  4. What a story, you’re really quite serious when you fall in love, well I guess that’s love though isn’t it? They weren’t just simple attractions or anything.

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