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Let’s start from the beginning. If I’m going to tell you all about my love life, I’d better start from the beginning.


She was probably the first girl I fell in love with. I must’ve been 5 then. We were both in kindergarten and used to play doctor…

I don’t recall much of her… After kindergarten, she went to a girls only school and I went to a boys only school. She wrote me one letter, when we just learnt how to write, I wrote her tons, but never got one back. That’s actually not quite true.
I got 2 letters from her, the second one was telling me to stop sending her letters. My first disappointment in love. The first of many to become.
I used to wait for her at her school gate, but when I saw her approaching on her bicycle, I would quickly hide, because I was too shy to show myself.
That would become an adjective that could describe me well. Shy.
When I had to go pick up my 2 year younger sister at the same school, I used to stare for minutes at her class picture, and I would press my finger to my lips, and then to the glass.
I already had a romantic spirit.
Though I was shy.
Shy as fuck.


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