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“Let’s be friends. ”
Who knows, there’ll be a time where I get used to that line.
To be honest, sometimes I’d wish I could just shout “Fuck you! You stupid skank, I’ve had it! I’m sick of wanting to be friends! I’ve got plenty of friends! I want something more!” But then again, shouting over MSN Messenger 7.5 isn’t that effective.
This part of my blog will contain a report of all my failures…

Some Might wonder why I would write something like this, after all, it’s kinda depressing to write about your own fucked up love life, but I’ve got a perfectly good reason: there’s always someone who has it worse then you. And this blog might be a hold-on for someone who has it just that less worse then me. A little cheering up for those who have it just a less worse then me.


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