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Sleep slept slept

August 31, 2006

GAH Why amen’t I allowed to have some quality fun? I went out yesterday evening to Margot’s place, a friend of mine. There was another guy there too who I never met before, but who I really liked. We had a jolly good laugh and really had fun… But yeah, I’ve got exams, so I […]


August 26, 2006

So, about 7-8 months passed after Sofie, could’ve been more too… I don’t really recall well, but yeah… That was no crush anymore, that was actual falling in love and shit. My head was messed up and I really needed something to take my mind of her. Though, since I still didn’t really have much […]


August 26, 2006

Everyone has them once in a while I guess… I’ve got them quite frequently, as a matter of fact, I’m in one right now. I’m totally feeling shit. I wish I could describe what’s going on… Probably a combination of factors. Once again, I’m sitting here, another night behind my computer, all alone. Once again, […]

Bad Weather

August 25, 2006

I’d say no, originally uploaded by brammm. So, this morning I had an exam, I got up and it was raining horribly, it’s been a while since it rained this hard. Anyhow, cause I had an exam, I didn’t gave it a good look, and ran off to get my bus to university. I was […]

The truth about myspace

August 20, 2006

Original blog This is actually the truth about the myspace pictures. Click on the (small, yes i know) thumbnail to see the entire picture.